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A few simple maintenance steps will protect your investment and keep your beautiful hardwood floors as they were the day they were installed. Each step of recommended maintenance—from using the right cleaning techniques to placing protective pads under furniture—is simple, and we’ll guide you.

Of course, these are general cleaning suggestions only. Always refer to the manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions and recommendations!

Vacuum Regularly
Sweep, or vacuum the floor regularly to remove debris and to prevent accumulation of dirt that can scratch or dull the finish.

Do not Damp Mop
Water can damage the wood and permanently dull the finish. Use only recommended cleaning products on your hardwood floor.

Wipe Spills Immediately
Use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe and dry the affected area. Avoid allowing liquids to stand on the floor. For more difficult spots, follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedures.

Use floor protectors on furniture
Wooden chair legs or metal furniture can scratch hardwood floors. Use felt protectors for all furniture that directly touches the hardwood floor.

Use protective mats
Place welcome mats at all outside entrances to keep dirt, stone, and other debris from being tracked onto the floors.

Trim Pet’s Claws
Keep your pet's nails trimmed to keep them from scratching your flooring.

Maintain relative humidity level
The recommended indoor relative humidity level (between 45 and 65%) will minimize the natural expansion and contraction of wood. Use a humidifier to prevent excessive shrinking during the heating season. An air conditioner or dehumidifier will help maintain humidity during the summer months.

Do not use oil based soaps or paste wax
It is best to use the manufacturers recommended cleaning products. Many cleaning products may damage or dull the wood floor finish. Some will leave a residue on the floor and allow dirt to stick to your wood floor.

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